Home watch

Home watch

At Dupont Cleaning Solutions, we believe your home is a great investment and you want to protect your home when you are away for weeks or months, there are so many things can happen anytime. What Dupont Cleaning Solutions can offer is to prevent any kind of situations that may affect your property, saving you money in expensive repairs or serious damage caused by utilities, insects or any malfunction. We call our customers immediately when we find any abnormalities to keep you informed. We recommend you inspect your home once a week.


  • Check all doors, windows and sliders to insure they are locked and secure.
  • Run all faucets and flush toilets to eliminate stagnant water from lines.
  • Check for evidence of water leaks (ceiling, faucets, toilets, etc.)
  • Check the A/C unit for proper temperature and humidity
  • Visual inspection for signs of insects and rodents.
  • Visual inspection for signs of mold and mildew.
  • Check the exterior of your home for general security and wind.
  • Pick up mail from mail box and place inside the house.

Other services: In case the client need us to monitor a contractor (on site), cleaning service to open and refresh your home prior to your arrival.

We watch your property, we take care your home and we care for your investment.